The Benefits of School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

Are you ready to embark on an inspiring journey that culminates in you becoming the heart and soul of a classroom? Well, keep reading, because we’re about to spill the beans on something that’ll kickstart your career: Educate Group’s Initial Teacher Training program. It’s more than just a training course—it’s a community, a wealth of knowledge, and a transformational experience rolled into one. Let us take you through the nuts and bolts of this adventure, peppered with a dash of personal tales from the classroom!

Why Educate Group’s Teacher Training?

Our Vision: A Classroom Tailored to Every Teacher and Student

Remember when you were back at school and there was that one teacher whose class you just couldn’t wait to attend? Their lessons felt like a cool TV show you’d binge-watch. Well, the Educate Group wants to help you be that teacher. We believe in a well-sequenced curriculum built on solid academic literature and seasoned with the experiences of our expert Teacher Educators. Whether you’re into Pythagoras’ theorem or the poetry of Keats, we’re here to equip you with all the right tools to deliver high-quality teaching that captivates young minds.

Personal Anecdote: Chalking Up Success

Let me take you back to a first day leading a classroom. Picture this: eager eyes, restless feet, and you, heart pounding like it was front-row at a rock concert. Fast forward through a year of guiding lightbulb moments and learning from your classes as much as they learned from you. This is the golden experience that Educate Group’s Teacher Training offers, and as the saying goes, it’s not just about covering the material, it’s about discovering the material—together with your students.

The Practicality of Teacher Training with Us

From Theory to Practice: Your Classroom Awaits

Now, let’s get down to basics. With Educate Group, you’re not just a fly on the wall—you’re in the driver’s seat. Our training is hands-on and school-based. You’re not just learning the theory; you’re living it in a real classroom environment. What’s cooler than that? Plus, you get to train in a school that’s practically your neighbour, which means less commute time and more ‘you’ time.

We remember a mentor from the program telling us, “The heart of teaching is teaching from the heart.” Believe me, there’s no better place to learn that than in the thick of things, where every day is a new scene in your very own teaching sitcom.

Support Every Step of the Way

As you navigate your way through lesson plans and parent-teacher meetings, the Educate Group is like your backstage crew, making sure your show goes on without a hitch. With a Link Tutor for one-on-one support and a network of mentors in your corner, you’re never alone. They’ve got your back with timely advice, constructive feedback, and yes, a bit of TLC when those surprise moments test your mettle.

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The Benefits of Teacher Training With Us

Immersive Learning Experience

Imagine walking into school, not just to learn, but to teach. From day one, you’re part of the fabric of the school. You’ll experience everything from the nerve-wracking silence of a test day to the uncontrollable laughter of a classroom after someone accidentally says something hilarious. It’s this immersion that transforms you from a budding educator into a classroom hero.

Hands-On Experience from Day One

There’s something magical about your first “Good morning, class” that no amount of textbook learning can match. With Educate Group, you’re teaching real classes early on. We still vividly remember the buzz of oury first successful lesson where everything just clicked—the energy, the engagement, the excitement. It’s moments like these that you’ll collect, cherish, and learn from throughout your training.

Customised Mentorship and Support

Every teacher has their own superhero origin story, and it often involves a mentor who saw their potential. One of our team talks about theirs still – Mr. Thomas, an experienced educator with a knack for turning complex concepts into relatable stories. Thanks to the Educate Group’s dedicated mentorship program, you’ll find your Mr. Thomas, someone who’ll guide, inspire, and occasionally nudge you in the right direction.

Curriculum Grounded in Classroom Reality

What we offer isn’t just a curriculum—it’s a launchpad into the heart of teaching. With a blend of theory and real-world application, Educate Group ensures you’re not just prepared to teach but to inspire. Whether it’s adapting lesson plans on the fly or integrating the latest educational tech, you’ll leave ready to lead your classroom into tomorrow with confidence.

Networking Opportunities and Professional Integration

Here’s the thing about teaching—it’s as much about who you know as what you know. During your training, you’ll meet educators, administrators, and specialists who are all potential doors to new opportunities. Think of it as your educational LinkedIn, but without the awkward connection requests.

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Tailored to Individual Needs

Remember, in Educate Group’s Teacher Training, one size fits one. We all learn and teach differently, and this program celebrates that diversity. Whether you’re a visual learner, a night owl, or someone who needs the quiet before they can create a storm, there’s room for you here. And with continual feedback, you’ll refine your teaching persona into something uniquely powerful.

Diverse School Environments

Teaching in varied environments is like having a teaching passport—it stamps you with experiences from different settings, student demographics, and educational challenges. It’s an adventure that broadens your perspective and hones adaptability, preparing you for wherever your teaching journey takes you.

Strong Employment Outcomes

Our trainees don’t just graduate; they stride into teaching roles. It’s not just about having Educate Group’s seal of approval (though that certainly helps); it’s about being thoroughly prepared, connected, and, above all, confident. The world of education needs heroes, and our training is the hero-maker.

Is Educate Group’s Teacher Training For You?

If you’ve nodded along, laughed, or felt a spark of excitement while reading this, then yes—it’s for you. Whether you’re changing careers, fresh out of university, or you’ve always known teaching was your calling but didn’t know where to start, we’re your springboard.

Take the Plunge: How to Apply

Visit our website, click on “Initial Teacher Training,” and begin your application adventure. Don’t worry, we’ve made sure the process is as straightforward as teaching the alphabet (well, almost).

Choosing to become a teacher is choosing to make a difference every single day. And with Educate Group’s Teacher Training, you’re not just choosing a program; you’re choosing a partner on your journey to becoming an educator who leaves marks that can’t be erased by any blackboard cleaner.

So, are you ready to shape minds, change lives, and have a ton of fun along the way? Because we can’t wait to meet you and start this adventure with you. There’s still time to unroll on our SCITT course for 2024-2025!

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