3 Top Tips for a Well-Managed Classroom

A well-managed classroom makes the whole experience of the teaching day a pleasurable one for all. But with December around the corner and the nation feeling world cup fever, this time of year can be a challenging one for even the most experienced teachers.

We share our 3 top tips for a well-managed classroom this festive season.

It takes a village

The old adage, it takes a village, is certainly true when it comes to classroom management. And it’s all about connection. Not just connecting with the children in your classroom either. Your connection needs to be in all areas – parents, teaching assistants, other teachings, administrators, and head teachers. This can help you to manage behavioural issues in the classroom. Our job as teachers is to help all our students succeed. When a student can see how many people in the school care about them succeeding, it can have a positive effect on behaviour. So makes connections with everyone around you. If everyone is in the know, you can collaborate together for the benefit of your pupils.

well-managed classroom

Consistency is key to a well-managed classroom

We all know that consistency can be the key to managing behaviour. Being consistent with consequences of poor behaviour is likely to be a deterrent to most. But it’s important to remember that it’s not just in this area where consistency is key. You need to be consistent with the tone of voice you use with all your pupils. With the time you spend building connections with each pupil, and more. Teachers are humans too, and humans naturally connect better with some than with others. We tend to gravitate to those that we see as like us. As a teacher, it’s important to remember that children are attuned to this. They may feel that you have ‘favourites’ in the classroom and are therefore more likely to show signs of poor behaviour.

Show compassion

Sometimes. your pupils with do things that make you mad! They will say the worst things or exhibit the worst behaviour. But despite what we feel inside, it’s important to show compassion. Remember that they are children. They make mistakes. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t need teachers to guide them along the right path. When your pupils are at their worst, you must be at your best! Try acknowledging the mistake and using it as an avenue to teach humanity to your class or group. However, a word of warning. As we teach humanity, it’s important that we display humanity when dealing with these issues too. No one should be left feeling bad, or with low self-worth. Everyone one of you pupils must know that you care, unconditionally.

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