4 Self-Care Tips for Teachers This Summer Holiday

Follow our summer self-care tips for teachers to help you return to the classroom in September fully refreshed.

Wellbeing and self-care have never been as important as they are right now. We are all facing additional stresses and strains. Both inside and outside of the classroom. Therefore, it’s vital to use the summer holidays as a chance to recharge. Time away from the classroom should be time well spent.

But we know that switching off isn’t easy, so we are sharing our 4 self-care tips for teachers –

Reconnect with loved ones

A feeling of connection is one of our fundamental human needs. It’s vital to our well-being and has even been shown to strengthen our immune system. Something we could all do with a little help with right now! It’s also linked to reduced rates of anxiety, depression, and stress. Take time to spend time with people you enjoy being with. Laugh, share stories, and switch off from the outside world for a while.

Set time for self-care

As teachers, we naturally put others before ourselves. And whilst this is a great and admirable trait to have, it does mean that we’re not the best at looking after ourselves. Spending time on self-care can feel like time that could be spent on something else. However, it’s important that you use the summer holiday to take some time for yourself. It’s important to remember that self-care doesn’t have to be anything as serious as meditation, or yoga. It can be something as simple as reading a book or going for a walk (or both!). You choose what gives you the greatest sense of relaxation.

reading a book

Take up a hobby

Is there something you’re keen to learn? We spend so much time teaching others, that it’s often something we overlook for ourselves. We see in our students the positive wellbeing impact learning a new skill can have. Why not use the time over the summer holidays to do something you’ve always felt like doing. It can be anything you like if it makes you feel good about yourself and helps you to relax.

Prepare for the next school year

When you finish the school year, thinking about the following year can seem counterproductive to your wellbeing. However, it can have the opposite effect. Whilst some teachers choose to do this at the beginning of the break, others choose to switch off first and pick things up towards the end of the break. Whichever way you choose, spending some time on planning for the next school year can help you to worry less during the holiday. Planning in advance will make you feel like you have more control over your schedule and are therefore likely to feel more relaxed going into the new term.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our self-care tips for teachers – enjoy your summer!

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