Social Media for Teachers – What You Need to Know!

Social media – it’s part of our everyday lives. Some of us live and breathe it. For others, it’s simply a way of keeping in touch with friends and family. But, from September this year, your social media account can have an impact on your perceived suitability for a teaching job. That’s why we wanted to share our social media for teachers tips.

The DfE is consulting on new rules around Keeping Children Safe in Education. Part of this guidance is likely to be that schools review the social media account of all applications for teachers. It’s likely to form part of the shortlisting process.

What does your social media footprint say about you? It may be time to give it a spring clean.


Here’s our 4 top tips for social media for teachers

Check your privacy settings
If you are looking to change your job or are embarking on a new career as a teacher, it’s time to a review. Look at what information on your profile is public. Are you happy for your students, potential employers, and parents to see what’s on your profile? It can be something as innocent as your latest holiday snaps. But do you really want people you don’t know to see photos of you in a state of undress?

Keep it light and positive
Lots of people share their opinions across social media. But be careful what this says about you. Our advice is to keep things light and positive, and if you can’t, don’t say anything at all.

Don’t follow or connect with your students¬†
Keep your private life and your professional life separate. It’s important that these lines are not blurred. The same applies to connecting with parents or ex-pupils. Keep your social media profiles for things outside of work.

Ask friends not to tag you in inappropriate pictures
Even if you are careful what you post, it doesn’t mean that your friends are. Of course, it’s OK for you to let your hair down at the weekends. After all, you’ve worked hard all week and deserve some down-time. But be sure that your friends are not tagging you in anything that’s not appropriate. Sharing what you do at the weekend is fine – just be sure that it’s not saying the wrong thing about you.

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