How to Improve Your Teaching CV

If you are looking to secure a top teaching role, you’ll need to make sure that your teaching CV is flawless and professional. Is it time to dust off that teaching CV and take another look?

Your CV could be the only chance you get to make first impression. It’s your opportunity to sell yourself, your skills and experience. Essentially your CV should show why you are the right for the job too. There are some key things to consider so our experts have put together a simple to follow guide to help when it comes to writing your CV.

Your Profile – The Start of Your Teaching CV

Your profile is just a summarised version of your personal statement. Whilst short, it still says a lot about you as a teacher, over and above your qualifications and experience. It’s the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd and secure the competitive edge to find your perfect teaching job. This is the only part of your teaching CV that’s about you as a person. Think of it as your elevator pitch. If someone was to read only this, would they get a good overview of you as a teacher, and a person? Ask friends or relatives to take a look and give you honest feedback. Writing about yourself is one of the hardest things to do, so it’s always great to get advice from those who will be honest with you.

Work Experience

Before we get into the detail here there are 3 important rules, we recommend you follow.

  • We advise splitting your teaching experience and your work experience into 2 sections on your CV if appropriate
  • Gaps. Be sure to explain a gap in work of any more than 3 months. We understand that not all teachers want continuous work. Some like to pick and choose their working times throughout the year. Don’t leave gaps in your CV open to interpretation. A brief explanation should suffice.
  • Ensure that your work experience is in chronological order with the most recent role at the top.


When it comes to your work experience, but sure to include more than just a list of your roles and dates. We recommend including a summary of your specific responsibilities for each position. Talk about a specific class and a specific thing that you have done that is measurable and has caused an impact. For example, something like ‘75% of children met or bettered their predicted grades’ would make your CV really stand out! It’s important that you highlight your achievements. Each area of your career summary should be achievement focused.

Other areas to consider and things that hiring managers look for on a Teacher CV –

  • Classroom / Behaviour Management – your chance to show that you can control students and implement effective classroom management strategies
  • Lesson Planning – it’s important to include solid examples of long-term education delivery
  • Monitoring assessments and performance – how have you monitored and assessed students’ abilities
  • Diversity and SEN – what range of educational needs, language and culture have you experienced. Showcase how you have dealt with these.
  • Lesson Delivery – a great chance to show how your lessons benefit students and help the achieve their goals

Highlight Your CPD in Your Teaching CV

All strong teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors show commitment to continuing professional development. Employers want to see this! Make sure that you provide evidence of all your CPD, professional training, courses, and inset days.

Out of School Interests

Whilst your interest and hobbies may not seem an important part of your cv, it’s another chance to show your personality and values. For example, if you have relevant interests, such as green issues, or an interest in sport, these could be of interest to the school. The important part is to carefully consider if your interests are relevant and worth mentioning.

Most schools are looking for people who will be part of the large community and those who have had more than school – university – school experience.

If you are looking for your next teaching job, we can help! Take a look at all of our latest opportunities, or get in touch with our friendly team today.