4 Reasons You Should Consider Training to Teach

Training to teach is an exciting journey to take. Not only is teaching one of the most rewarding careers, the prospects available are excellent. You don’t have to be in teaching already to know about the teacher shortages across the UK. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that we can attract more teachers into our classrooms.

Our ITT team share their top 4 reasons why training to teach may be the best decision you make this year.

Help to shape future generations by training to teach

Teaching is so much more than just a career. Unlike so many other professionals, you get the see the changes you make up close. That moment when a child suddenly understands something new. Or the overwhelming passion a child displays for their favourite subject. There are so many ways that teaching rewards you every day. But there’s another advantage too. Not only do you get to impart your knowledge on your students, you too can continue to learn whilst you teach. With regular CPD, you can further broaden your knowledge on a subject, or even pick up a new skill. There may be opportunities to be involved in things outside of the classroom too. Activities and groups that can really help shape the lives of others.

Training to teach gives you job security

Teaching is a highly transferable skill. So once you have trained to be a teacher, you can in theory work anywhere in the world! And, whilst some other jobs can easily be replaced by technology, there will always be demand for teachers. The methods in which we teach and the technology we use may change but one thing remains constant – we need teachers to teach. Additionally, the current demand for teachers means that you won’t be short of a choice of school to start your teaching career.


Teaching gives real variation

If you are looking for a job where genuinely no two days are the same, then maybe it’s time to consider training to teach? Whether it be new topics, or a new group of students, teaching really is a job with lots of variety. And it’s not only teaching that can offer this variety. Often teachers are involved in the community too which can bring a whole new dimension to your role.

A high degree of flexibility

There’s lots of flexibility in teaching. Firstly, there’s the flexible hours which fit in perfectly if you have children. Whilst there’s lesson planning and marking to be completed once the school day is over, this is something that can be done at home. And we can’t ignore the fact that teaching comes with great holidays. Again, these work well if you have children but they are equally as important if you don’t. Knowing that you have scheduled time off during the year is not only great to be able to plan things in advance, taking regular time out is good for your mental health too.

And finally, there’s the flexibility of being in charge of your own classroom. Although there are certain standards in the curriculum, how you plan lessons is down to you. You have the flexibility and independence to decide what’s best for your class.

Next steps if you are interested in training to teach

Now that you know some of the best reasons to get into teaching, take a look at our various routes into teaching to see which works for you, or get in touch with our ITT team today itt@educate-group.co.uk