Wellbeing at Christmas – 5 Tips for Teachers

Wellbeing at Christmas – it’s a hot topic at the moment. The last 20 months has been a journey that none of us expected to be on and with the false start to Christmas last year, the anticipation this year is much higher. But as well as enjoying the festivities, it’s important to make time for yourself.

As teachers, we have all been through some dramatic changes this year. So, as the end of term draws ever closer, we’ve asked our team to share their top tips for wellbeing at Christmas.

Remember – you’ve worked hard this year and you deserve this time off!

Plan ahead to achieve a real sense of wellbeing at Christmas

We know that 2 weeks off at Christmas doesn’t necessarily mean 2 weeks off from work. So, before we can really relax and enjoy all those mince pies, there’s still come planning to do. Our advice is to use the first day after term to get up to speed and do the work you have to. Plan ahead for next term and get everything in order so you can truly relax. Rather than being concerned about your list of jobs over Christmas, get them done early and you won’t spend the break worrying about the work you still have to do.

Is it time for a digital detox?

Once the to do list is complete maybe it’s time to consider a digital detox. We realise that this isn’t easy over Christmas, but it’s still possible to achieve a balance. One of our team always creates a digital free room or two at home over Christmas. This can not only give you a break from constantly being ‘on’ but can also mean that you get to spend more quality time with your family. Give it a try this year – we’d love to hear your feedback.

outdoor exercise

Get active

It can be hard to stay active over the winter months. The nights draw in and the weather gets colder so finding the motivation can be a much bigger ask than in the summer holidays. But you don’t have to run marathons or climb mountains to experience a sense of wellbeing. A stroll around the park, a city or just your local area can work wonders. The outdoor environment can reduce stress, restore mental fatigue and improve your mood and self-esteem.

And finally, wellbeing isn’t just for Christmas

It’s all too easy to get back onto the hamster wheel after the Christmas break. As the classrooms fill up again, so does our to do list. However, it’s important to remember to schedule in some wellbeing throughout the year. Just a couple of hours a week can make all the difference.