Why It’s A Great Time to Return to Teaching

Are you thinking about return to teaching?

A lot of teachers take breaks from the classroom in their career. Whether it be to raise a family, or to try another career. But this doesn’t mean that the door to teaching is closed. The current demand for teachers and teaching assistants is greater than ever.  And this is presenting lots of exciting short and long term opportunities for those teachers looking to return to teaching.

But if you haven’t quite decided yet, we’re sharing 4 great reasons why now is a great time to get back to the classroom.

You’ll be in good company

More and more people return to teaching each year. You may even know of someone who has already made the jump. There are more than 260,000 qualified teachers in the UK who no longer teach and in a recent survey, YouGov reported that 20% of qualified ex-teachers said they’d be tempted to return to teaching.


Make a difference to the lives of others – return to teaching

Think back to the reasons you first decided to be a teacher? Remember all the students that you helped and made a difference to? Remember that feeling of satisfaction? There are few jobs with as great a level of satisfaction than teaching. Returning to teaching will help to shape the future of so many young people. And what can be more rewarding than that?

You know what to expect this time

When you first started teaching, you were probably a little apprehensive; not knowing what to expect. Well this time it will be different. This time you know exactly what to expect. Stepping back in the classroom can be a truly fulfilling experience – you never forget how to teach and inspire. Are you ready to reignite your passion for teaching?

Supply teaching can fit in with family life

Maybe you’re not ready to commit to returning full time? Or maybe you want to experience the classroom again before committing to a permanent role? Supply teaching can offer a great way to return to teaching. You are in control of your availability and can achieve a work-life balance whilst still being able to teach. We offer short term and long term teaching and TA opportunities so you are able to choose which fits best for you.

What’s next?

If you are ready to bring your skills back to the classroom, take a look at our latest vacancies, or speak to one of our friendly team today – 01978 281 881