4 Reasons to Choose Supply Teaching

Supply teaching is a great way to fit teaching around your other commitments. Or maybe you’re new to teaching and want to experience a number of different environments before committing to a permanent role. There are many reasons to choose to be a supply teacher. Our team share their top 4.


If you are looking for the perfect work-life balance, supply could be the answer. You choose your availability so it means that you can still take that holiday in off-peak times and be at home for those ‘must-do’ jobs. Or maybe you have a passion you want to pursue at the same time as teaching.

Supply teaching offers variety

Staying in the same school for years can have its benefits, but supply teaching can offer you a wider range of experience. This can be a great way to experience lots of different environments before choosing your long-term career. As a supply teacher, you can experience such a variety of school types, locations and teaching styles.

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Lots of teachers really miss the classroom after retirement but being a supply teacher means that you can continue to teach even after retirement. You can still enjoy retirement but work on your terms. Maybe it’s odd days here and there, or maybe you’d like to take that 3-month holiday you’ve been planning. Being a supply teachers means that all this is possible.

Return to teaching via supply teaching

If you’ve been a teacher previously, but have taken a break, for whatever reason, supply is a great way to return to teaching. Schools will want to see that you’ve had recent experience before offering you a permanent role, so supply if a great way to achieve this. It will also help you to understand if you are 100% committed to return to teaching.


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