Supply Teaching During a Pandemic

Supply teaching was dealt a considerable blow when schools closed almost a year today due to the pandemic. A superb network of people who help out schools as and when they need additional support were, in the most part, no longer needed.

Now, as schools across the UK have opened their doors again, the need for supply teachers is back on the rise. With the main benefits of supply teaching for schools being the flexibility and short-term solutions it offers. Which is perfect in the current ‘climate’.

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But what does supply teaching look like now? What has changed since last year? The NEU recently released a document giving advice for supply teachers during Covid-19. But are there things you need to know now that weren’t as important, or even something we considered before?

Here’s our 3 top tips for returning to supply teaching after what has been a turbulent 12 months.

Getting to grips with the new normal

Just like many pupils, there will be a lot of supply teachers across the UK feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness right now. Going back to school is so exciting for so many reasons and it’s great to see so many pupils back to classroom learning again. Whilst there will never be a replacement for the effectiveness of classroom learning, it’s possible that things will adapt over the next few months.

Positives that were drawn from online learning may be integrated into the classroom. It’s time to take what we have all learnt and use it to the best of our advantage.

As supply teaching comes with the likelihood of changing schools more often , it’s likely that you will have to quickly learn new rules each time you work with a new school. Here’s just some of the things we will all be seeing in the new normal –

  • Social distancing in classrooms
  • Changes to playground rules
  • Staggered breaks
  • Increased focus on hygiene

teacher is mask

The rise of tutoring

Whilst supply teaching will always be needed in the classroom, the pandemic has given rise to a number of tutoring opportunities. Recognising that some pupils may need additional support over the coming months, the Government rolled out the National Tutoring Programme worth £350m last year.

Tutoring can offer the same flexibility as supply teaching. It’s a great opportunity to utilise your experience in smaller groups to help make a real difference. Lots of schools are offering additional tutoring to their pupils so this could open up lots more demand for supply teachers!

Take a break at Easter

We’ve all been waiting for our pupils to get back to school. We’ve been preparing with the anticipation of something great to look forward to. Could it be that the end of lockdown is in sight?

It’s been a tough 12 months for so many supply teachers, teachers and education staff. Regardless if you have been in the classroom or not. If you have now returned to the classroom, you may find the next couple of weeks mentally tiring. If we’ve learnt anything from the pandemic, it’s to take care of ourselves. And this has never been more pertinent than it is for teachers right now.

Celebrate what you’ve achieved. Take pride in your work. Get a break this Easter and return to the new term ready to work in the new normal.

If you are looking to return to supply teaching, give our expert team a call today. Let us support you to get back into the classroom.