What Schools Want To See In A Teacher CV

When it comes to writing a Teacher CV, there are some key things to consider. It’s your chance to make a first impression. And, a chance to really sell yourself, your skills and experience, and why you are the right fit for the job.

Don’t let your CV prevent you from getting an interview by following our simple guide.

Personal Statement

This is the part of your Teacher CV that gives the hiring manager an insight into you as a person, not just your experience and education. It’s your chance to demonstrate your qualities and your motivations. If you are able to tie these in with the job you are applying for then even better. Take a look at the school website. What are their values? Can you reflect that they align with your own values in your personal statement?

This is the section that you need to spend the most time on. However it’s important that it has impact! Try by summarising three key things –

  • Where you are in your career
  • Your key achievements to date
  • Your personal qualities

Teacher CV Tips

Career Summary

A summary of your career should be more than just a list of your roles and dates. We recommend including a summary of your specific responsibilities. But more importantly, you need to highlight your achievements. Each point of your career summary should be achievement focused.

Other areas to consider and things that hiring manger look for on a Teacher CV –

  • Classroom / Behaviour Management – your chance to show that you can control students and implement effective classroom management strategies
  • Lesson Planning – it’s important to include solid examples of long term education delivery
  • Monitoring assessments and performance – how have you monitored and assessed students abilities
  • Diversity and SEN – what range of educational needs, language and culture have you experienced. Showcase how you have dealt with these.
  • Lesson Delivery – a great chance to show how your lessons benefit students and help the achieve their goals

Relevant CPD History

All really strong teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors show commitment to continuing professional development. Employers definitely want to see this!

Make sure that you provide evidence of all your CPD, professional training, courses and inset days.

Out of School Interests

Whilst your interest and hobbies may not seem an important part of your cv, it’s another chance to show your personality and values. For example, if you have relevant interests, such as green issues, or an interest in sport, these could be of interest to the school. The important part is to carefully consider if your interests are relevant and worth mentioning.

Most schools are looking for people who will be part of the large community and those who have had more than school – university – school experience.

If you are looking for a job in teaching, whether as an NQT, or and experienced teacher, get in touch with one of our expert consultants today.