Tips on How to Finish Your NQT Year


NQT’s – We understand how demanding teaching can be.  At Educate we are all Teachers and have all been in the same situation.

Juggling the pressures of studying and securing your first teaching job is hard enough.  But with the added complication of the recent lockdowns, we understand that many of you are looking for some support and guidance.

Teaching provides you with fulfilment, exhilaration and reward.  However, if you are one of the many people who had to finish their NQT early, you may be worried about what happens next.

We can help!

The current lockdown situation means that you may be one of the many who have missed out on some elements of your training. Are you worried about teaching other year groups due to your placements being cut short?

This is a stressful situation for both students and schools and we all need to respond quickly to a changing and uncertain situation.  We recognise that there is a need for robust support for NQT’s. It’s important to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by the current situation.  We want to make sure that you are still fully equipped to become great teachers!

You’ve probably got lots of questions!  Let’s help answer some of them.

Questions for NQTs

Can I work as a supply teacher whilst I continue my NQT?

Yes!  With the current situation this is one of the best ways to complete your NQT.  There are lots of options currently available meaning that you can get back to learning and practical training before September.

We will help you find the right supply job! We will give you the option to work on assignments that suit your needs.  

Working as a supply teaching whilst completing your training doesn’t just have the benefit of being paid. Working in day to day supply will also give you valuable experience and help you stand out from other NQT’s in future job applications.

Can I get further support and training as an NQT whilst working as a supply teacher?

Here at Educate we are already working with lots of schools who are looking for supply teachers to support the re-opening of schools in Wales. 

By registering with us, you will experience how hard we work for you and what make us different.  Not only can we secure placements that suit your needs and skill-set, we also offer a wealth of support and training.  Everyone who works with us is mentored by a member of the Educate team. We are all Qualified Teachers with over 15 years’ experience.

Your designated mentor helps with training on delivering engaging lessons and developing your marking and assessment techniques.  On top of this, we also give you access to highly effective behaviour management and reward strategies.

From registration to placement, you will be supported and guided by our experts to ensure you get the placement you want and the support you need.

We also offer a full range of training at Educate. Visit out Teacher Training website to find out more.

September Teaching Jobs Wales

I’m worried about looking ahead to September – can you help?

There’s so much uncertainty around education and how this will change over the next few months.  Whilst it’s unrealistic to think that everything will simply go back to normal, there are lots of things happening behind the scenes to prepare schools for the new normal.

Earlier this year, before the lockdown, we wrote about some handy tips for improved mental wellbeing.  Little did we realise how pertinent it would become for this time.

We can help to relieve some of these stresses.  Planning in advance for September by identifying suitable permanent roles is just the start.  Working with an education company that does more than just find you a job is key to your wellbeing. There’s so much more we can do to help. We’d love to guide you on your teaching journey.

Come and join us – we can help you become an exceptional teacher who makes a tangible difference to pupils lives every day! Get in touch – 01978 281281