Get Ready for September With Our Top Tips!

Before we get stuck in and discuss how you can get prepared for September, we hope you’ve managed to relax and unwind over the past few weeks. Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs in the UK, so hopefully you’ve used the summer holidays to make some time for yourself and do the things you love because you truly deserve it!

Now don’t worry, you’ve still got a few weeks before school starts again. However, August is also a great time for you to get prepared for the year ahead. As the saying goes: “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.

We believe that preparation and organisation is the key in the teaching world, wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, creating a clear plan will put you in good stead for the year ahead. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed, particularly if you’re new to teaching. You need to know about the class you’re receiving, decorate an engaging classroom for the children, be prepared for potential problems and establish organisational systems. However, stop, breathe and take a step back. You can get prepared with the following tips.

Get to know your class

The best way to do this is to speak to the previous teacher who taught that class. Ask them about any possible behaviour issues you may have to face. You should understand that every class is different. Therefore, the behaviour systems used in one class, may not work the same for another. So, speaking to the previous teacher should give you a good indication as to what you need to change in order to suit these particular pupils. Make sure you enforce your classroom rules from day one and make it clear what you expect of your students. You could even get them to sign a contact to say they agree and will abide by the classroom rules. 

Decorate your classroom

This can either be something you love or hate doing. Either way, a bright and engaging classroom can make all the difference for your student. We suggest spending half a day sprucing up your classroom. You could even take your kids or a friend with you for added inspiration and to make it more fun! Don’t worry if you’re not the most creative person, there are some fabulous sites you can visit to get ideas from. We particularly love Twinkl for classroom display ideas! Another great place to get some classroom display inspiration from is Pinterest. It’s important to keep the children, and what they would enjoy in mind when decorating your classroom. You should also ensure that your classroom is positive, stimulating, vibrant and useful!

Get organised!

This is the most important tip! Before school starts, ensure that every table has all the stationary the children will need. There is nothing worse than searching for pens, pencils and glue sticks on the first day of school.  We think these table caddies from Amazon are really helpful for ensuring your classroom stays organised all year round! Another important thing to remember is to label the draws and pegs ready for when the stampede arrives on the first day back! Everyone likes something that has been personalised, so why not ask the children what they would like on their label before summer? Children love being able to make decisions about their own learning environment. Furthermore, you could make a list of all the classroom responsibilities. On the first day back, you can ask for volunteers to take charge of these responsibilities.

Make a school year resolution

In the teaching world, September is the same as January for everyone else. So, why not make your own school year’s resolution? This could be about how you’re going to be more organised, how you’re going to avoid the same problems that you faced last year or you’re going to try using new methods to help the children succeed.

Stay positive & remember why you love teaching

You don’t have to feel bad about dreading going back to school in September, we’ve all been there! However, when you do get this feeling, it’s important to remember why you’re passionate about teaching and the impact you have on those children, day in, day out. You are their role model and you are constantly encouraging them to strive for greatness, allowing them to realise their full potential to be the best they can be.

Teachers can be likened to lighthouses – you stand there, kind of on your own, throwing out as much light as you can, hoping that someone sees it and it helps them in some way.

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